Zurich University of the Arts, BA Design

Design Ecotopia

Theory Seminar | Every Spring Term
Flurina Gradin, Laura Bruns


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Ecotopia «Symbcon 2100». Concept and Illustration: Simon Leutwiler, Alec Nikolov, Alan Paska. © ZHdK

"Design Ecotopia" is a teaching and research format initiated by Laura Bruns and Flurina Gradin at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in 2020. It enables students of all design disciplines BA Design to engage in theoretical and creative discussions about future ecosystems and living environments.

Design Ecotopia deals with the question of how designers can think about possible future ecosystems and which methods are particularly promising for developing and visualising speculative visions of the future.

What means and tools are specifically available to designers to make scenarios and speculations on ecosystems and living environments prototypically visible, tangible, tangible and thus negotiable?

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Ecotopia «Animalia 2075». Concept and Illustration: Denise Meier, Sofia Poku, Agnes Eklund. © ZHdK

Final Presentation at Stadgärtnerei Zürich.