Seeing the Environment through the Humanities – The enormous scope and complexity of today’s environmental problems require knowledge derived from the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities, engaging experts within and beyond universities.

Photos: Statistik und Verbau der Lawinen in den Schweizeralpen, von J. Coaz (Bern: Stämpfli, 1910).

Environmental Humanities Switzerland is the key regional network in the growing worldwide movement to provide novel insights about humans in nature, especially through the goal of helping resolve complex environmental problems.

The aim of Environmental Humanities Switzerland is to strengthen and network the environmental humanities in Switzerland and to connect and communicate various activities of its members with an interested public. 

The "Environmental Humanities" want to coordinate and strengthen research in the humanities on environmental problems. The cultural, social, historical and philosophical dimensions of environmental problems are investigated using concepts and methods from the humanities. The natural sciences are as well an integral part of Environmental Humanities as to develop scientific contributions to an understanding of environmental problems in the humanities.  

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