Master's Class Projects

In the following a sampling of Master's student final projects from the year 2023 can be found.



A Guide to Urban Sprawl

Patrick Schenker

Urban sprawl is a rising problem in our modern world – ecologically, socially and economically. But what does this term exactly mean? How do we measure it? What can we do to solve the presented issues associated with it? And what challenges could we encounter while doing so? These and other questions are pursued in the website "A Guide to Urban Sprawl" by Patrick Schenker, using a combination of interactive maps, graphics, photos, videos and text.

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The Renewal of Nature. Abandoned human objects and a new circle of life.

Sereina Oetiker

The photgraphy project “The Renewal of Nature. Abandoned human objects and a new circle of life.“ by Sereina Oetiker tries to answer the question: “What are the visual variations of nature integrating abandoned human objects in different environments, and how can photography contribute to the understanding of nature's transformative power in this context?”

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Der Biber im Aargau

Annette den Boer

The webpage “Der Biber im Aargau” by Annette den Boer delves into different aspects of the beaver in the canton Aargau.

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Preservation of Endangered Anticancer-Metabolite Producing Plants

Sarah Yasmina Beck

The website “Preservation of Endangered Anticancer-Metabolite Producing Plants“ explores how sources for anticancer metabolites are influenced by anthropogenic changes in the environment through overexploitation and climate change.

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How Traditon Fought the Biggest Dam-Project in the Alps  

Noël Baumann

“How Traditon Fought the Biggest Dam-Project in the Alps“ is a Youtube Video by Noël Baumann illuminating the failed construction of the biggest dam-project in the Alps.

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Nature on the Bowling Alley

Lena-Marie Veitl

The Youtube Video “Nature on the Bowling Alley“ by Lena-Marie Veitl presents the “Hegauer Vulkanpfad”.

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Shanghai Green Changes and Parks Construction in past 40 years

Xu Cai

“Shanghai Green Changes and Parks Construction in past 40 years“ by Xu Cai explores Shanghai’s green spaces and their history.

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Social Media Pages

Fast Fashion Facts

Claudia Tschan

The Instagram page “Fast Fashion” by Claudia Tschan explores the topic of fast fashion.

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From a Pledge to Progress: Assessing the Impact of the Paris Agreement's NDC Commitments on Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Mariia Mariniak
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The last Wilderness

Livio Gerber
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Feeling at Home in a High-Risk Zone  – The Story of Naples, Italy

Giulia Galati
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Infrastructure of ‘Power’

Nino Farrér
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Stratospheric Aerosol Injection – A solution for saving our planet or a problem itself?

Melanie Hodel
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The River Reuss – A Revitalization Project

Adina Pepe
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How to make rice agriculture in the Po valley more sustainable?

Nicole Quartini
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How artificial snowmaking can be part of the solution to mitigate water scarcity induced by climate change in mountainous regions

Lino Jastrowski
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Environmental Humanities: The Environmental and Social Impacts of Hydropower on the example of the Hydroelectric Power Station in Bremgarten-Zufikon

Anja Schenk
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Design Statement: Greywater Recycling System for Sustainable Water Management in Bathrooms

Weiqi Yuan
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