Preparing for Post-Collapse? Implementing Environmental Humanities

Venue: The University of Zurich Botanic Gardens, Zurich, Switzerland

16-21 June 2014 Convenors: The Saguf Working Group for Environmental Humanities: Philippe Forêt, University of Zurich / University of Orleans Marcus Hall, University of Zurich Christoph Kueffer, ETH-Zurich Philippe Saner, University of Zurich Overview: By combining a graduate seminar in ecology with an international symposium in environmental humanities, this meeting brings together natural scientists, social scientists, artists, and humanists, and then concludes with a “Community Day” for discussing the needs and opportunities of environmental humanities in Switzerland. Our week-long event turns from the wild to rewilding, and then from collapse to post-collapse — in natural and human systems. Our aim is to consider new visions for living on the earth that go beyond typical models of sustainability or resilience, especially by considering the implications of post-collapse. All living organisms today are survivors and even beneficiaries of previous collapse, and as we approach future stages of urgent transition, now is a crucial moment to bring together diverse experts into new conversations.