The conference Encountering Materiality: Science, Art, Language will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 23-25 June 2016, in the newly-renovated Batiment des Philosophes (Philosophers’ Building), located on 22 Boulevard des Philosophes, 1205 Genève

Drawing on the fields of New Materialism and the Environmental Humanities, the conference is not restricted to them. Rather, it will address how sciences, arts and texts enact encounters with materiality as an entanglement of relationships, meanings, matter and movement, and it will respond to the following questions:

• How do we encounter materiality, materials and/or matter in the twenty-first century?
• How do language and literary language in particular offer ways of encountering materiality and/or matter?
• How have the developments in ecology, neurosciences, physics and new media changed the way we encounter the world of matter?
• How can our encounters with matter undermine, redefine or produce ways of knowing, of being and of doing that are more in tune with the challenges that contemporary societies—in all their diversity—face?
• How can our current understandings of materiality help us to rethink the role of artistic, literary and scientific practices in fashioning the material world?
• How can scientists, artists and scholars share their findings on matter and materiality with the public?
• How can a conversation among sciences, arts and the humanities shed light on our relationships with matter, meaning and action?