We would like you to be aware of several developments happening with Environmental Humanities Switzerland, or EH-CH, which is becoming the new name for this project. We envision EH-CH as a network of the many initiatives and developments happening in this area – and now we even have this growing webpage: http://environmentalhumanities.ch (or as default, www.eh-ch.ch).

• If you haven’t already seen it, please read the recent inventory of the status of environmental humanities in Switzerland. This report was commissioned by SAGW and crafted by Christoph Kueffer with inputs by Philippe Forêt and myself, together with several others. Many of you participated in this survey, so we thank you. The report will apparently soon be placed on the webpage of the SAGW (Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences). The report shows that we are a small but enthusiastic and growing group, with our ongoing SAGUF Working Group of Environmental Humanities also offering important organizational structure and funding.

• Please also check out our call “Anthropocene Survival Event” – an event set for the evening of May 13 (Wednesday), 2014, at the Alumni (GEP) Pavillon, Polyterrasse, ETH-Zurich. Here we aim to build on similar exciting events happening in Madison, Munich and Stockholm for discussing in a public venue how key physical objects can tell us something about the age we are living in, and especially how such objects may offer prescription for how we can shape this age. We hope that the subtitle for our event, “Preparing for an uncertain environmental future” will entice many of you to attend and even present in ten minutes your favorite object. Please contact Juanita Schlaepfer-Miller <juanita.schlaepfer@usys.ethz.ch> about this event.

• We submitted funding proposals two two divisions of the SUK/CUS Sustainable Development of Universities Programme on December 1, 2014, for exploring the intersections between sustainability and environmental humanities. We will hear about the success of these proposals by late March.
A1: “Global Sustainability Leadership: Developing a new inter-university masters program in Switzerland”
C1: “Sustainability Through the Environmental Humanities”

• Finally, Philippe Forêt is currently at the HERA grant-networking event in Estonia. There he is aiming to identify more European-wide partners interested in environmental humanities projects.

With warm regards,

-Marcus Hall
University of Zurich