Cities and Mountains. Environmental and Health Risks : A Socio- Historical perspective

Cities and Mountains. Environmental and Health Risks : A Socio- Historical perspective

International Graduate School in Environmental History
Lyon – Yenne – Grenoble, France, adidas superstar soldes Grey Pink Jordan Shoes June 26-29, nike free trainer 2018 nike air max adidas boost 2015

The LARHRA (Rhône-Alpes Historical Research Unit), asics gel lyte 3 soldes in cooperation with the CNRS (National
Center for Scientific Research), the RUCHE and with the support of the European Society for
Environmental History (ESEH), bottes timberland pas cher nike roshe run is pleased to announce that a four-day thematic summer school will take place in Lyon, Yenne and Grenoble, immediately before the ESEH 8th International
Conference (Versailles, nike air max pas cher 30 June – 3 July 2015).

This interdisciplinary summer school will provide a great opportunity for advanced graduate
students and postdoctoral students to discuss their work with researchers from all over the world,
and to benefit from the expertise of leading scholars in environmental history and in other fields of social and natural sciences.

The challenge of this summer school will be to connect historical research on risk in urban and
mountain environment. adidas nmd femme louboutin femme nike men’s While risks in an urban context are often considered as «technological» or «envirotechnical» risks and may be closely related with environmental health issues, nike air max 2015 Belstaff Womens Jackets risks in
mountain environments tend to be framed as « natural » or « socio-natural ».

The risk subject will be developed in three thematic clusters, Asics Gel lyte 3 Dames around which young researchers are
invited to apply :

1/ Environmental and health risks in cities
– Urban « Catastrophes » and industrial accidents
– Chronic risks, asics duomax air jordan 1 soldes

  • pollution
    – Emerging problems (urban heat islands ; microbiological risks…)

    2/ Environmental risks in mountain
    – Uses and benefits of historical works on earthquakes, flooding, avalanches.
    – Vulnerability issues ; scientific studies, bottes ugg australia political management and reassessment of local people
    – Theoretical and empirical work on the notion of « resilience ».

    3/ Mountain cities and towns : specific environments, specific issues ?
    – Historical case-studies on catastrophes and the resilience of urban societies located in mountains.
    – The « socio-natural site » notion and its application to cities in mountains.
    – Mountain towns’ sites and the demographic or economic pressure, new balance soldes parajumpers jacket outlet competing activities
    (residential/touristic/industrial…) and the conflicts they create.

    The summer school aims to gather around 15 graduate / post-doctoral students together with junior and senior scholars.

    Each participant is expected to give an oral presentation of 15-20 minutes which will be discussed in thematic sessions chaired by senior scholars.

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