Anthropocene Slam Zürich: Preparing a survival kit for an Uncertain environmental future

Call for contributions to an evening of thought-provoking slams, live music, bar and food.

With guest speaker Kathryn Yusoff, Senior lecturer in Human Geography at the University of London.

Students and scientists across disciplines, artists, and the general public interested in engaging in a playful way with fundamental questions about the future of our society in a time of limits to growth, climate change and over-exploitation of ecosystems.

Format of slams:
• Slam of open format (spoken text, visuals such as power point (or prezi) slides, show elements), or in other words a ‘creative’ talk of thought-provoking (maybe humorous) content and unusual format.
• Duration per slam: 10 minutes
• Slammers will talk about our pre-collapse society, collapse, and/or post-collapse scenarios: what will happen, who will win, what will remain, what can be done, how can we think about/ imagine environmental collapse or post-collapse differently, hopeful stories or black humour…
• Formal requirement: each slammer brings a concrete object (ideally a real object, can also be a representation of an object, person, idea, or concept) around which the slam is organised. The slammer promotes the object to be included in a ‘survival kit for a uncertain environmental future’
• A stage, microphone and beamer will be available
• Preferably in English, possible in German

• 0.5-1 page abstract of slam, including description of the object, short narrative, and intended format, plus short ‘CV’ of presenter.

• Deadline for submissions: Monday 30th March 2015 to

Slam in the Alumni (GEP) Pavillon, Polyterrasse, ETH Zurich main building, Wednesday 13th May 2015, 19.00-22.00 with bar and snacks.

Public talk by Kathryn Yusoff Wednesday 13th May 2015 14:30 – 16:00 University of Zürich, Karl Schmidstrasse 4, Room KO2-F-152.

Organised by Environmental Humanities Switzerland ( with the support of saguf ( We are the Swiss network of Environmental Humanities that aim to promote societal change away from an unsustainable society by challenging our cultural and social relationships with nature and the planet. This event was inspired by the original Anthropocene Slam in Madison.

Download as PDF:
» Anthropocene Survival Kit: Preparing for an Uncertain environmental future

Photograph by Christian Rohr.